Full Protection Warranty!

SpecToner.com  Warrants the Following:


All Specialty Toners Cartridges are Produced in ISO certified plants.  SpecToner.com warrants that all SpecToner products are produced under strict quality specifications to assure superior performance.


If a buyer finds a SpecToner.com product to be defective in any way, SpecToner.com will refund or replace the product in accordance with the Return Policy.


Specialty Toners further warrants that the use of SpecToner.com cartridges will not damage or affect the performance or warranty of any Printer or Machine for which the cartridge is intended to be used.  In fact, such Machine Warranty issues are specifically protected by law under the Magnuson- Moss Warranty Improvement Act.


Here is part of the MAGNUSON-MOSS Warranty Improvement Act, which protects your rights and your warranty.


UnitedStates Code Annotated
Title 15 Commerce and Trade
Chapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties
15 Section 2032

(c)No warrantor of consumer product may condition his written or implied warranty of such product in the consumers' using, in connection with such product, any article or service (other than article or service provided without charge under the terms of the warranty) which is   identified by brand, trade or corporate name; except that the prohibition of this subsection be waived by the commission if:

1) The warrantor satisfies the Commission that the warranted product will function properly only if the article or service so identified is used in connection with the warranted product,
2) the Commission finds that such waiver is in the public interest.


In other words, your printer warranty cannot by voided simply because you choose to use non-OEM, compatible, recycled or remanufactured products unless the manufacturer can prove that the product caused direct damage to your printer.  OEMs continue to use an increasing number of recycled cartridges each year in their own products (as we do) since it is an environmentally sound policy to do so and has no effect on machine function.